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Approaching the Tarot can be quite simple and intuitive. Aleph Tarots aims at creating transparent and understandable free tarot readings. You may find helpful answers here without years of study or uselessly complex theoretical systems.

Nonetheless, Aleph Tarot does explore the full wealth and meaning of the cards and their combinations. Therefore it is an ideal point of reference also for seasoned tarot experts.

About the Tarot

The symbols of the Tarots reach back to ancient times, and their with their oldest roots they touch Egyptian and Mesopotamic mythology. Approximately at the end of the dark ages the tarot begun to spread in Europe, where it was brought crusaders and gypsies.

The tarot cards have always been much more than a game. They have always been seen as a symbol representing the infinitely complex fabric of fate. Ever since the 14th century there have been many artists attracted by the Tarot, creating tarot decks in a multitude of style and design.

Over centuries, the meaning of each tarot card evolved as a result of hundreds of wise man and women developing the art of reading the tarot, and this is why the tarot today is such an incredibly balanced and harmonic representation of human fate and destiny. It is the combination of oriental mystery, the wisdom of the Jewish cabbala and the visionary elements of Christianty, which constitutes a unique collection of human experience and lore.

The cards of the Tarot

A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards. There are the 22 cards of the Major Arcana and the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.

The cards of the Major Arcana are also called trumps and they are the most powerful and inspiring cards. Each of these cards has a unique visual representation and has very specific characteristics. Aleph Tarot offers detailed descriptions of all trump cards.

The cards of the Minor Arcana form four suits of 14 cards each. These are Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins. Each of these suits represents one of the traditional elements: Wands stand for fire, Swords for air, the Cups represent water and the Coins the earth.

In each suit we find four court cards, the King and the Queen, the Knight and the Page. The intensity of their respective element is strongest in the King and weakest in the Page. The ten other cards are a variety of archetypal expressions of the element and develop from the mere idea - the Ace - to completion in form of the tenth card of the suit.

Tarot Readings and Interpretation

The cards of the Tarot mirror fate in all of its facets. The different readings are the frames of this mirror, the point of reference which is so important in cognizance and divination.

Aleph Tarot aims at offering an appropriate reading for each question you may wish to explore with the help of the Tarot. These readings move from the generic to the specific. The Triangle comprises three Aspects and is a typical, elementary reading, suitable for a wide range of explorations.

The reading The Path is and ideal compromise of complexity and simplicity. It extends a strong focus on the passage of time, adding additional qualitative factors. The most thorough approach to a given topic is achieved by means of The Celtic Cross. Use it draws a complete and multifaceted representation for your specific query.

Especially suitable for all questions regarding love and relationships do consult the free Tarot of Love reading, which does justice to the dual nature of all relationsships. This reading enables you to discover the often barely perceptible notions which characterize the most beautiful of human emotions, but which oftentimes also make it difficult to assess and develop love and relationships.

About the deck of Aleph Tarot

The cards of our deck have been crafted by Fernando Gumppenberg. Their design was created around 1820 in Milan in Lombardy, in an age shaken by changes like ours.

These cards bridge the gap between the old medieval decks anf the more widespread decks of the early 20th century. The symbolism of these tarot cards testifies the mature understanding of the artist and helps us understanding intuitively the reading of the Tarot - even in the third millenium.

The interpretation and meaning of the tarot cards present on Aleph Tarot reflect the susbtantial experience of the authors with the various expressions of the Tarot. For us, Tarot is part of our daily life and a companion helping us with our personal development. Ideally, whoever consults the Tarots shall find the path to him- or herself by means of the cards and by reflecting upon them.